3 Mindfulness Exercises You Can Do at Home

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Our fast-paced electronic lives make it difficult to stay focused. That’s why we hope our Madison at Wells Branch community members in Austin, Texas, make good use of these mindfulness exercises.

1: Home Body Scan

Lay comfortably on your back with your feet slightly apart and palms up. You can also sit in a cozy chair if that's more relaxing. Focus on steady and regular breathing. Take a breath in, then take a breath out. The gentle awareness of this exercise begins to relax the mind and body. Once you feel mindfully immersed in your breathing, shift your focus to your body. Feel how your clothing touches your skin. Recognize how the temperature feels. Lastly, take your time and focus on different parts of your body. You can begin at your toes and patiently work your way to the top of your head.

2: The Raisin Exercise

Multitasking in daily life tends to diminish our focus. This exercise ranks among the classic mindfulness exercises and is intended to increase singular focus. Simply place a raisin in front of you. This can be while sitting at the table or standing in front of a countertop. Look closely at the raisin's texture, size, and color, and really get to know this particular raisin. Then, interact with the raisin and come to understand how it feels, smells and ultimately tastes. The fundamental idea behind this mindfulness exercise is regaining your focus on everyday things.

3: See Mindfully

We live in an age that bombards us with quick and fragmented pieces of information. There’s nothing mindful about it. That’s why it takes some effort on our part to really see again. Try looking out a window early in the morning before the hustle and bustle begins. Or, consider hiking out to a secluded space in nature.

Once you're in place, pay close attention to the seemingly simplest of things. Watch how the grass or leaves move in the breeze. Focus on a single blade or leaf. Take your time to move your gaze to something else. Spend at least a minute or two on each item, to start. If your thoughts wander or something distracts you, take your time to refocus and begin again. There’s a reason these are called “mindfulness exercises”: We all need the reps.

We hope our Madison at Wells Branch residents take a moment to practice mindfulness and find their center. If you or a friend would like more information about our Austin apartments, call us today.

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