5 Types of Tea to Help You Relax

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After a tough day, we could all use something soothing to help us relax. That’s why we hope our Madison at Wells Branch community members in Austin, Texas, find these tea ideas useful.

Peppermint Tea

Ranked among the leading teas for stress and anxiety reduction, peppermint delivers an aromatic experience. The menthol found in peppermint tea is reportedly a natural muscle relaxer. We all know that daily stress finds its ways into our necks, backs and shoulder muscles. That tightness tends to compound our tension and diminish our quality of life. A warm cup of peppermint tea can deliver a relaxing calm.

Lemon Balm Tea

This herbal tea is considered a cousin to peppermint. It differs in its relaxation offerings by strategically reducing a stress hormone in the body known as “cortisol.” By lowering such hormones, lemon balm tea has the ability to tap down stress at the biological source. It also tends to improve your mood and provide a relaxing calm without causing drowsiness.  

Passionflower Tea

This unique blend is crafted from numerous types of Passiflora and offers tea-lovers a sweetly delicate warm beverage. The flavor tends to be on the mild side with hints of sweet, and it’s not uncommon to infuse passionflower with lemongrass or chamomile, among others. Europeans have a long history of leaning on passionflower tea to reduce feelings of anxiety. There is some science to back up these claims.

Rose Tea

The delicately floral warm beverage is crafted from rose petals, and research supports its neuropharmacological effects. Some reports say that it enjoys both mild hypnotic effects as well as analgesic benefits. Other reports say it reduces inflammation, controls the cortisol hormone, and reduces anxiety. Although not as widely popular as some in the herbal tea family, it may provide rare enhanced benefits.

Chamomile Tea

No discussion about relaxing teas would be complete without considering the popular chamomile option. This robust tea has earned widespread appeal for taste and pronounced calming effects. Chamomile lovers often speak about how the warm beverage helps reduce irritability, relaxes tight and painful muscle tension, as well as takes the edge of the day’s events. It’s a much healthier option than post-workday alcohol. Made from the chamomile flower, it remains a leading bedtime tea.

We hope our Madison at Wells Branch residents find these tea ideas relaxing. If you or a friend would like more information about our Austin apartments, call us today.

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