How to Choose Which Apartment Friendly Pet is Right For Your Lifestyle

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Pets are loyal companions that can improve our overall quality of life, but not every pet is right for every person. When living in an apartment, whether a cat or dog will make a better pet depends on your situation.

Cats Are Good for Busy Community Members

Cats are well-suited for apartment residents who lead busy or hectic lives. Because they’re low-maintenance, felines are perfect for people who don’t have a lot of time to invest in a relationship with their furry friend.

While cats can’t be left unattended for weeks on end, they also don’t require constant care. If you need to travel for work for a few days or want to escape for a long weekend, a cat can be left by itself for a little while. As long as a litter box, food, water, and a few toys are set up, your feline will be alright. They may miss you while you’re away and might voice their disdain when you return, but they’ll be alright and eventually forgive you.

On a day-to-day basis, cats also can be left alone for hours at a time. Again, they just need food, water, toys and a litter box where they can take care of business. Whether you’re out for a normal eight-hour shift or have to work especially long days, a feline will be fine by themselves.

The independence of cats makes them well-suited for young professionals who work long hours, students who have demanding course loads, and anyone whose schedule can change at a moment’s notice. Simply set them up with the essentials, and they’ll be fine until you return home. In fact, they might even prefer to be left alone for some time.

Small Dogs are Good for Community Members With More Time

Small dogs require more attention than cats do, both because they have different dispositions and because they have different physical needs. The unique attributes of dogs make them ideal for apartment residents who have more time and more predictable schedules.

Small dogs need to go outside regularly so that they can take care of business, and they like to go on daily walks. They also may enjoy time at dog parks, but these visits can be reserved for weekends or other free days. Dogs also simply like their owners to be around.

To properly care for a small dog, you need the availability and dependability to meet these needs.

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